Parrot Food & Nutrition: The Healthiest Bird Seed Available

Parrot Food & Nutrition: The Healthiest Bird Seed Available

Do you have a new parakeet, macaw, cockatiel, or any other kind of parrot? If so, you need to make sure your exotic bird is eating a diverse diet. The natural diet of most parrots consists of nuts, flowers, seeds, grains, tropical flowers, and in some cases – insects. With their longer beaks, keas, for instance, are able to dig insects out of the ground.

It is essential that you don’t over-feed your parrot since pet birds don’t require a high-energy diet like birds in the wild do. Most vets recommend either a diet consisting primarily of high-quality seed mix or pellets, many types of fruits, and yellow or dark green vegetables. Opt for organic ingredients whenever possible.

Of course, depending on what kind of parrot you have and from which region of the world it originates, the specific types of seeds and fruits you give it will vary. Fortunately, the leading bird food brands have developed blends based upon each type of exotic bird’s specific nutritional requirements.

What NOT to Feed Your Parrot!

While some of the foods on this list are obvious, there are a few that might surprise you:

  • Avocado

  • Chocolate

  • Fruit pits / apple seeds

  • Onion and garlic

  • Any type of candy (even sugar-free)

  • Foods that are high in fat, sodium, and/or sugar

There are some foods, such as peanuts, dairy products, grit, and certain plants, that aren’t necessarily toxic to most parrots but should still be fed to them with caution. Moldy peanut products, for instance, can contain contamination by a toxin-producing fungus.

The fruits of green tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes are generally considered okay, but the plants themselves can be toxic.

As for hard-boiled eggs, some vets recommend them and some do not, depending on the specific type of parrot. It’s considered to be safe for the most part to give some dairy products to birds as treats, as long as the lactose content is low.

Parrot Food – Top 4 Companies  

The best way to ensure that your bird is getting the best nutrients possible is to order food from one of the leading brands.

Here is an overview of some of the best products:

Goldenfeast Overview:

There are nearly 40 formulas to choose from for birds alone, as Goldenfeast creates complete gourmet foods for rare and exotic birds of all sizes. The brand focuses on a holistic approach to keeping animals healthy and happy.

One of Goldenfeast’s most notable blends is the Golden’obles, of which there are three available: Large Beak, Medium Beak, and Small Beak. All three extruded gourmet foods contain almost 50 ingredients and NO synthetic or GMO vitamins. They are peanut and corn free.

The Madagascar Delite is another popular choice and is ideal for all medium to large sized parrots. This is a complete nutritional formula that contains nuts, herbs, fruits, beans, safe vegetables, and so forth. The vegetables and fruits are dehydrated (unless stated otherwise).

In addition to formulas, there are also Basic Plus Seed Diet Options and a Treat Line. It’s okay to occasionally give your parrot a few fruity treats like diced papaya or mango!

Benefits of Goldenfeast Bird Food:

  • Absolutely NO fillers, synthetic vitamins, or preservatives.
  • The best nutritional blends for hookbills.
  • A good mix of ingredients in every blend, including healthy herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, hemp seed, etc.
  • Over two decades of unwavering commitment to providing quality food to all types of exotic birds.
  • Ingredients such as spirulina, which is known to kill bacteria, ease inflammation, and activate the immune system.

Oropharma Overview - Breeding Supplement

Offered by Versele-Laga, an international manufacturer of quality pet food and supplement products for pets, Oropharma is a top choice for bird owners who want to give their parrots the best vitamins and supplements for breeding, performance, and overall health. Some of the products, such as Omni-Vit, can be mixed in drinking water.

During breeding season, birds require an optimal blend of amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements. Vitamin E is essential as it is considered a strong antioxidant, and sometimes called the “fertility vitamin”.

Even if your birds aren’t breeding, the combination of the ingredients in Oropharma products helps to increase their resistance to disease.

The Calci-Lux product offers a water-soluble calcium source to help to prevent egg binding and to aid in the skeletal development of young birds. 

Benefits of Oropharma Products

  • The products are all very easy to administer. The instructions are clear and concise.
  • Opti-breed contains ingredients such as the prebiotic Florastimul, which supports the good bacteria in the intestines, as well as L-carnitine.

  • Many of the supplemental / vitamin formulas are ideal for eggshell formation and feather structure.
  • The Omni-Vit blend acts as a quick vitamin boost and helps protect against reduced resistance caused by stress.

About Loro Parque Parrots:

Since 1972, Loro Parque has created a highly diverse genetic reserve of parrots from around the world. There are 350 different species and subspecies, and the reserve attains more than 4,000 specimens.  Its partner, Versele-Laga, has been the primary supplier of all of the bird feed required for the population at this reserve.

Purchase this feed for your own parrot and help support the Loro Parque Foundation. There are a variety of blends to choose from for Australian parrots, Amazon parrots, and African parrots.

The Amazon Parrot Loro Parque Mix, for instance, is a seed mixture specially made for small macaws, pionus, large aratingas, and other parrots from South America. The best diet for these species includes pellets, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and small amounts of nuts. The premium, basic formula contains 8% Maxi VAM pellets and a low percentage of fat.

What about African species? What should you feed African greys, Senegal parrots, and Jardine’s parrots? The Loro Parque African Parrot Mix includes amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. An enriched seed mixture ensures optimal condition. Calcium is an essential ingredient for the African grey parrot, as it can suffer from low-blood calcium.

Australian parrots have a variety of seeds in their diet, but grass seeds tend to provide the most nutrients. To keep your pet in blooming health, the Australian Parrot Loro Parque Mix is also enriched with VAM pellets as well as the other mixes, as well as quality seeds low in fat.

Benefits of Loro Parque Parrot Food Products:

  • There is a unique blend formulated specifically for each type of parrot.
  • The seed mixes enriched with VAM pellets were developed by top vets and nutritionists.
  • Versele Laga supports the Foundation, so by buying these products you are helping to support it as well.
  • The Exotic treat product line consists of special feed, which can be given as a reward or as part of the seed mixture.
  • This parrot food brand gets a lot of positive reviews and high ratings from bird owners.

Orlux Overview:

Lories / lorikeets eat pollens and nectar in the wild. They sometimes enjoy soft foods like berries, blossoms, fruits, and buds.

Orlux – Lori is a quality powder that contains a unique balance of high grade proteins and sugars. Mix it with water and give your lori a good substitute for the flower nectar and pollen he or she would eat in the wild. Refresh the mixture at least once a day. In hotter environments, refresh twice a day. The amount of water depends on the size of the bird.

Orlux Gold Patee Canary food is a popular ready-to-use egg formula for canaries, tropical birds, and European finches. For optimal condition, fertility, gleaming plumage, and immunity, omega-3 fatty acids are essential.

Egg food is vital not just during breeding season for these types of birds, but during the rest of the year as well.

Orlux Bird Food Benefits:

  • There are dry blends and moist blends of the Orlox Canary Eggfood products. The honey used for moisture is 100% natural.
  • The Gold Patee blend is ready for use and can be given to your bed for several days.
  • Expect a stable solution with the Lori Feed, as the powder does not settle.
  • Orlox blends are formulated to meet high energy requirements for small parakeets, loris, canaries, and other exotic birds.
  • The ingredients contain extra added methionine and lysine, which is ideal for feathering and optimal growth.
  • There are NO added colorants in any of these products.

The Importance of Providing Pet Birds with a Healthy Diet

No matter what kinds of parrots you have, you can trust that you are providing them with a healthy diet as long as you stick with these brands and products. If you’re still not 100% sure, just ask your vet for some recommendations. Carefully look over the ingredients list of every product before placing your order.

With excellent care and good nutrition, most exotic birds can live for decades. Macaws and cockatoos can live for 40 – 50 years.  Amazon parrots can actually live up to 75 years!


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