80018Dbk (18x18x58" Play Top. Black.)

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A play-top style cage is a good choice for any parrot owner who wants to give their feathery friend some room for entertainment. This particular model measures 18 x 18 x 58 and is just the right size for small birds. It’s produced from high-quality iron wrought steel and comes with a gorgeous powder-coated finish, available in your choice of black or white. The powder-coated finish is non-toxic and perfectly safe for birds.

This Play Top cage is mobile as it features 4 EZ gliding casters. Assembly, cleaning, and maintenance are all easy as well. The only tools required for assembly are pliers and a screwdriver (ideally an electric one).


  • Weight: 56-lbs
  • Bar spacing: 3/5-inch
  • Bar thickness: 1/7-inch
  • Ladder
  • 5 stainless steel dishes
  • 3 Feeder doors
  • Lock-down cups
  • Screw-in wheels

The all-welded construction helps protect the cage from rust, as water is prevented from getting into tubes. Stainless steel food and water dishes are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand bird pecking.

The play top provides an exercise / play area for your small bird, as well as a top feeding and foraging perch. It is all accessed by ladders.

There are no exposed nuts anywhere around the cage. They are embedded in the cage body to prevent birds from picking at them, and to give the cage a more seamless look.

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