92217Cbk (Victorian Top 22x17 with Cart Stand-Black)

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These Victorian-style bird cages are excellent for cockatiels, African greys, parakeets, conures, and similarly sized birds.

This particular model is available in brass, black, white, and green, and measures 64 x 22 x 17 (H x L x D) in inches. It weighs approximately 45-lbs. The bars are 3mm thick and have ½ inch spacing in between. The iron-wrought steel used in the construction has a non-toxic, powder-coated finish.

Here are some of the features:

  • 3 feeder doors
  • Slide-out tray and slide-out grate
  • Bottom storage bin
  • 3 cups made of stainless steel
  • 4 easy gliding casters
  • Openable scroll top
  • Seed guard
  • Screw-only cage construction / nuts embedded within the tubes

Your parrot can rest on one of the two straight pine perches. There is a front door that features a steel locking latch. Keep food and supplies stored at the bottom bin.

These Victorian models are great choices for those who want mobility with their bird cages. Simply push it around inside or out.

Another benefit is easy maintenance. The grate and plastic slide out tray can be taken out and cleaned, and then easily slid back in place. To ensure that your bird remains secure and safe, there is a Cam Lock on the front door.

The attractive design, finish, and choice of colors makes this Victorian cage an attractive piece of furniture that looks great in your home.

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