13221gr (32"x21" Flat top 1 to the box stand included. Green.)

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This rectangular medium cage measures 32 x 21 x 68 inches (LxDxH) and is made from iron wrought steel.

There is also a “Tall” version available, or you can order as “1 per box”.

There are many great features, such as a cart at the bottom and 4 easy-gliding casters that allow you to move this multi-purpose aviary home around.

Choose from a variety of solid colors, including white, pure white, green, black, and platinum.

What kind of bird would the Flat Top Flight Cage be ideal for? It makes a great home for all canaries, Lovebirds, finch, budgies and most parakeets.

The cage can be used with or without the stand, which is essentially a frame on wheels on which the cage can be placed. However, it’s recommended that you use the stand as it allows for mobility.

Additional features and details:

  • 2 perches
  • ½-inch bar spacing
  • Plastic tray and slide out grill
  • Powder coated finish / non-toxic
  • 2 feeding cups
  • 2 breeder box doors
  • Stand height: 24-inches
  • Storage bin

The grill and tray can be removed for easy cleaning. The baked-on powder coat finish is non-toxic and heavy duty.

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