18040bk (80x40x75" With Divider. Black)


Allow your two parrots to live side by side as neighbors in this large square top cage and its divider. It can always be removed if they want to enjoy the space together. Each section of this “Behemoth Cage” offers premium features such as a slide out tray, natural wood perches, and stainless steel water and food dishes. It’s large enough to accommodate large and extra large parrots such as mini and large macaws, small and large cockatoos, Eclectus, African grays, Amazon, etc.

Dimensions are approximately 80”x40”x75” and available colors include white and black. There is 1-inch bar spacing and 5-mm bar thickness. All is constructed of wrought iron, which is an attractive and heavy duty metal that boosts durability and longevity. The bird safe powder coating adds to the attractiveness of the cage and prevents corrosion.

Product Features Include:

  • 4 Swing out feeder doors / 1 breeder box door
  • Bird-proof locks on feeder door and front door
  • 4 Stainless steel cups
  • 2 wood perches
  • Removable divider
  • Smooth gliding slide-out tray and grill for easy cleaning

In addition to the horizontal side bars, there are vertical bars on the back and front. This design allows the birds to climb around and exercise. You can hang their favorite accessories and toys as well.

The four easy-gliding wheels at the bottom give this large HQ Square Top Cage some mobility.

Everything is easy to assemble and clean.

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