32217Cgr (22x17 Flat Opening Top. Green)

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Measuring 60-inches in height, 22-inches in length, and 17-inches in depth, this HQ Flat Opening Top Cage is an attractive, spacious home for small birds such as quakers, cockatiels, mini macaws, conures, small cockatoos, etc.

 You can choose from four solid color options: white, black, platinum, and green. The product is constructed from iron-wrought steel and features a beautiful powder-coated, baked finish that is non-toxic to birds. The bar spacing is 3/5-inches and the thickness is 1/9-inches.

HQ Bird Cages are world-renowned for their high-quality cages, which include safe mechanical design features and ultra-safe paint products.

Additional Features of the Flat Opening Top Cage:

  • Slide-out tray
  • Slide out grate
  • 4 easy gliding casters
  • Bottom storage bin
  • 3 stainless steel dishes
  • 3 feeder doors
  • steel locking latch on front door
  • 2 pine perches
  • Removable seed catcher

The slide-out base tray is positioned beneath the play top to prevent messes, and the removable seed catcher also helps to keep the floor clean. The front door is easy to access for you, but still features a steel locking latch to keep your parrot securely inside.

There are horizontal side bars and vertical bars, back and front. This design is perfect for hanging accessories or allowing the bird to climb and get a bit of exercise.

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