42323bk (23"Dx52"H Stand w/ Stainless Steel. Black.)


Available in black or white / platinum, this stainless steel play stand is sleek and attractive. It measures 23-in (D) x 52-in (H) and comes with casters wheels for easy mobility, indoors and outside. There is a non-toxic powder coated finish.

It’s a perfect stand for small to medium sized exotic birds like pionus, mini macaws, African grays, Amazons, smaller cockatoos, and similar parrots.

Experts recommend never letting parrots play on top of their cage, so a play stand such as this is essential for any bird owner who wants to let their feathery friend enjoy some exercise. Just hang toys from the hook, which can easily be installed by attaching two screws. You can also opt to not attach the hook at all, depending on if your parrot likes hanging toys.

Having a play stand / gym such as this is crucial to the development of a properly socialized parrot.

The matching tray (sold separately) is easy to clean. There are two removable stainless-steel cups.

This Play Stand is not only attractive, it is built very sturdily. All parts are easy to assemble.

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