82217Cgr (Scroll Top 22x17 with Cart Stand-Green)

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This cage is made with an innovative design and features great functionalities. It measures 22-in. x 17-in x 55-in (L x W x H) and comes in colors such as platinum, black, white, and green. Assembly is easy and can be completed in as little as 15 minute, as the parts are designed to fit together very well.

Constructed from iron-wrought steel, the cage has a banked powder-coated finish that is non-toxic to parrots. This is an ideal home for conurs, quakers, cockatiels, caiques, and other small birds. Your small bird will have plenty of space and comfort.

Features of this Scroll Top w/ Cart Stand model include:

  • 3 stainless steel cups
  • 2 perches (straight pine)
  • 4 gliding casters for mobility
  • Slide out tray and grate
  • Cam lock
  • bar thickness: 3mm
  • Bar spacing: 1/2in

Cleaning is a simple process, thanks to the slide out tray and grate. There is a bottom storage bin in which you can keep all of your bird’s food and supplies. A steel locking latch keeps the front door secure and small bar spacing ensures the parrot’s safety. There are two hinged panels that can be opened for easy access.

With attractive, solid colors to choose from, you can count on this Scroll Top cage looking great in your home.

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