90040Dwh (40x30x72" Dome Top w/ Drop Front. White.)

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With an inside height of 60-inches and dimensions of 40 x 30 x 72 (inches), this classic dome style cage is large enough to house medium-to-large parrots such as the African Grey Congo, Amazon parrots, Blue and Gold macaws, etc. It’s essential that you choose a spacious cage for your feathered friend.

It weighs approximately 170-lbs and features a slide out grate and tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. The cups are lock down, and can only be removed from the outside via swing open door. The all-welded construction helps protect the cage from rusting, as it keeps water out of the metal tubes. There are surrounding seed catchers to help prevent messes.

This dome top / drop down cage features a very nice design with non-toxic powder finish, and is available in four attractive colors: green, white, black, and platinum.

This cage features:

  • 4 feeder doors
  • 4 casters
  • 5-mm bar thickness / 1-inch bar spacing
  • 4 feeder bowls
  • Main door and front drop down door
  • Perch

Dome Top Bird Cages are beautiful, spacious, and look good in any home. Just pick the color that will look best with your decor.

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